About Cassandra Saunders: Director of Marketing

Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, Cassandra Saunders is an emerging music industry executive and songwriter.

Growing up, Saunders was constantly faced with overcoming adversity. In addition to being raised in a multiracial household, she was also diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at just two days old. Throughout her school-age years, she was repeatedly dismissed by her peers and faculty, so she turned to music as a way of dealing with what was happening to her.

Highly influenced by Pop and R&B music, as that was what was primarily played in her household, Saunders began writing songs at age 11, when pop and R&B superstar Mariah Carey released her third studio album entitled Music Box. Although she has had moderate success working with major music producers, as well as vocal producers, which helped the songs chart on independent music charts, they have yet to be placed with a major artist. But she knows her talent and that eventually she will get there.

In 2007. She formed an artist management company, Clear Destination Artist Management, (formally D Minor Entertainment,) because although she previously had been signed to a very small management company, she felt that very little had been done to further her career. Through her company, Saunders was able to make more of a name for herself as a songwriter, to the point where producers started writing tracks with her team in mind.

By the end of 2017, Saunders had to let her former vocal producer go, because even though the two had worked together for several years, it was brought to her attention that the vocal production on the demos was probably the cause of them not being placed. In January 2018, she was introduced to North Carolina artist Kerry Ann, formally known as Kerry-Ann Phoenix, by her former graphic designer. Saunders immediately sent her to the studio to test her with one of her songs. 

Several circumstances led to the pair not being able to work together on her songs. However, after some conversation, it was discovered that the pair could work together with Saunders as Kerry Ann’s new manager. The singer had previously released a single, but it wasn’t performing well. A few months after Saunders signed her to a management contract, her membership on the platform used to release it expired. 

It was always a goal of Saunders’ to own her own label. To start that journey, she agreed to release the single again with her own label account on the platform owned by Capitol Records. Because she always intended to assist Kerry Ann in obtaining a major-label deal, their amended contract was very beneficial for both of them. When the single didn’t perform well again, it was disclosed to Saunders that the song had previously been reviewed by a major-label A&R and they didn’t feel it was ready for release. Saunders immediately knew that they had to come out with something different.

Knowing why they were originally supposed to work together, Saunders had Kerry Ann show her some material she had written. The pair decided on a song. The difference this time, was that the singer asked Saunders to hire major-label executive Mike Boss, whom she had met at an artist showcase, to help promote the single to radio. Never having done radio promotion before, Saunders agreed. 

In September 2018, the two had their first meeting with Boss. A few days later, he requested to hear the track. Not feeling that it was appropriate for radio, he suggested that Saunders co-write Kerry Ann’s single with her, after hearing that she was a songwriter. They immediately went to work on the song. Unfortunately, before it was completed, several incidences brought on by the singer caused Boss to advise Saunders to drop her from management. Days prior, impressed by her management skills and overall knowledge of the industry, Boss offered Saunders major distribution for her label through his label, which was then under contract with Universal Music Group

On November 19, 2018 Saunders signed the deal under a new label name, Broken Silence Music Group. Shortly after signing her contract, Boss asked her to sponsor an artist showcase with him in Atlanta. During the event, Boss was prepared to allow Saunders to sign a duo that was in attendance to her label. However, they didn’t stay in contact with him, so she was unable to do so. 

It became apparent to Saunders that in order to maximize her label’s potential for success, she needed to relocate to Atlanta. She told Boss about her entrepreneurial experience outside of music and asked him to hire her in his newly formed label, Rich Nation Entertainment because she felt confident that she could assist him and his business partner, Gina Love in making the label a success, while preparing to move and training to run her own label.

After proving her marketing skills to him, he and Love made her the Director of Marketing for their label. On October 6, 2019, she received another gift from Boss, as he once again signed her to distribution under Sony Music Entertainment via Rich Nation.

Perseverance and determination have always been what got Saunders through the obstacles presented to her in life and in music. Now, those very same things are what will make her an undeniable force in the industry.