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Herminia Williams, known professionally as La Pana, is a singer/songwriter that hails from Pedro Miguel, the Canal Zone sector of Panama City, Panama. Panama is a Latin country in Central America that welcomed thousands of Caribbean islanders during the construction of the Panama Canal in the 1800’s. The Caribbean migration to Panama had a great impact on the culture with food, language and music to name a few. La Pana’s family roots are from Barbados and Jamaica. 

La Pana was raised listening to Gospel, R&B, Reggae and Calypso/Kaiso in her household. She recalls her family hosting parties for birthdays and holidays, and she was always drawn to the sound of the music.

As an adult she received extensive vocal training and has had the opportunity to sing background vocals for gospel artist Byron Cage, Dottie Peoples and Donnie McClurkin, just to name a few. She directed the choir in church and was able to teach voices based on her training. La Pana is a creative writer, whose lyrics will have you pulling out Webster’s dictionary if you’re not familiar with certain words that are not usually used in the Soca genre.

Singing Soca started as a hobby. In 2019 La Pana wrote a song which she sang for her best friend. After hearing the song, that same friend encouraged her to take her craft more seriously. Unfortunately, her friend was later killed in a tragic accident. Her untimely death was a devastating blow to La Pana; however, it motivated her to pursue her music career full time. She released her first single “Sink in Ya Back” in October of that same year.

There is a unique style that she brings to the Soca genre. This Panamanian artist brings sweet, sexy, soulful melodies in English and Spanish, not to mention good vibes and high energy.

She is a member of Rich Nation Entertainment signed as an independent artist with a major distribution deal through Sony Music Entertainment/AWAL.

La Pana has been building her discography in just a short period of time. Her music is currently streaming on all music platforms.

With many more releases to come, this Panamanian Soca artiste is well on her way to becoming a household name.

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