Melion Music


Melion was born in Philadelphia as Lateef Melion Bundy. During His younger years growing up, Melion had the opportunity in traveling all across America. At an early age Melion began his journey into the world of music, and it was during the difficult years on the rough streets of Philadelphia, Melion signed his first independent label deal backed by Universal Music Group… which launched his music career performing on tour throughout the world.

These days this energetic songwriter, vocal producer, engineer, and entertainer has been blessed in setting himself apart from others in the R&B, Soul and Pop Genres with his soothing musicality in songs women love. I like to think of Melion as today’s version of Frank Sinatra of R&B and Soul. He has also gained a lot of experience by working with stellar artists such as Remi Ma, Paris Hilton, Jojo, and many more. Melion has also been influenced by such artists as Johnny Gill, the late Whitney Houston, the late Nat King Cole, Boyz 2 Men, the Temptations, and some of today’s current artists. But Melion is his own artist with his own signature which is not only refreshing, but quite addictive.

Melion has his sights set on developing and running a successful record label and a thriving music career, venturing off into all areas of entertainment and business development. Music is his life, it is his passion, it is who Melion is.

The only thing Melion Music fears is not having the chance to bless the world with the same thing God has blessed him with, Beautiful Music.

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