Rich Soul


Rich Soul, formerly known as Classroom Majors consists of Lamar Kash, Noez Newton & Astro Jetsun. The 3 brothers were born in Nashville, TN.

Growing up in a single mother household, music always provided a voice to the brothers where no one else could. Rich Soul main influences were R&B and Gospel music. They fell in love with the sound and it continues to shape their musical artistry today. In 1999 they moved to Atlanta, Georgia. While living there they continued to expand their love of music and eventually were introduced to the sound and expression synonymous with Hip Hop music.

In 2010 Classroom Majors was born to inspire, motivate, encourage and satisfy their listeners in a major way.  The group received vocal coaching with legendary Dave Tolliver (Men AT Large) to work on developing their craft. They also received mentoring from Rico Wade (Organized Noize) and Mr. OIiver (Collabo Muzik), co-writer of the popular song “Lovers & Friends”.  Kash, Noez and Astro have been solidifying themselves as part of the Hip Hop community. Today, the Hip Hop/R&B group is poised to become great with a unique sound and a profound message.

Classroom Majors has been nominated for several awards and won a Georgia Music Award as well as an LRT Award out of California for their R&B song “Love Quest”. Classroom Majors also charted #2 and #3 consecutively for 6 weeks on Digital Radio Tracker charts (DRT) and consistently for two years for their single “I Want Her”.

And In 2018, the group decided they had grown out the name Classroom Majors and changed their name to Rich Soul. 2018 has been a phenomenal year for the group.  The name change was accepted very well, and they have been nominated for various awards as Rich Soul. A 30-day promo run expanded to a 120-day run due to endless requests for the group.

Rich Soul cares a lot about the community and has fed the homeless in various cities/states. It was very humbling for the group and they often prayed with the homeless as well. The group was asked to write a theme song for a United States Presidential candidate with a slogan “Rise Up”. The song written by the group is called “Rise Up” and the group has been requested on numerous occasions to perform the song at festivals and rallies that embrace unity. The group has performed on tickets with some major artists such as Jacquees, Mario, KCamp, Big Boy and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Classroom Majors/Rich Soul also had an amazing opportunity to be a headline act on the “Love & Laugh” tour with Jon B. and comedians Melanie Comarcho and Earthquake.

Rich Soul currently has over 300k Spotify streams for their album “Soul Food”. Rich Soul single “Visa” attracted fans and attention in the Southern region. The single continues to chart on the Digital Radio Tracker charts (DRT) consistently since the beginning of 2018. 

Rich Soul is looking to share their passion and love for music to their fans as well as to the world. Rich Soul has been invited to perform at the International Music Festival in Germany. The group feels honored to kick off 2019 performing internationally amongst other artists from all over the world. Rich Soul is in the process of working on their new album which will cause an even larger impact to the Hip Hop\R&B community in months to come for 2019.

Rich Soul motto: “You can be broke, but still rich in your soul.”

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